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It's not DPS build, but rather R10 carrier for group, which can heal/cc/instakill.

Goal of build is to paralyze or in other means cc mobs for group to pick them up safely while you can support them and instakill immobile mobs or nasty champs.

This build starts to work around lvl 9 when it get access in racial AA.

18 Favored Soul, 2 Monk
Lawful Good Half-Elf

If you need trapping, start with one rog level as first and pick monk as last.

Starting ability scores (36 points):
STR: 8
DEX: 14 (need +5 DEX tome for IPS)
CON: 16
INT: 12
WIS: 18 + 7 from level ups
CHA: 8

Leveling order: Favored Soul etc., Monk, Monk

Feat list:
Level 1: Point Blank Shot + Follower of the Silver Flame + Dilettante: Monk
Level 2: Knowledge of Battle
Level 3: Rapid Shot
Level 5: Energy absorbtion: ACID
Level 6: Heighten Spell
Level 7: Stout of Heart
Level 9: Quicken Spell
Level 10: Energy absorbtion: FIRE
Level 12: Precise Shot
Level 15: Improved Precise Shot + Energy absorbtion: COLD
Level 18: Necromancy Spell Focus (this is prereq for epic twist, if twist is already locked pick Completionist or Enlarge Spell)
Level 19: Zen Archery
Level 20: Deflect Arrows
Level 21: Completionist/Enlarge Spell (another option could be Arcane Initiate)
Level 24: Burst of Glacial Wrath
Level 26: Toughness
Level 27: Embolden Spell
Level 28: Mass Frog
Level 29: Doubleshot
Level 30: Epic Toughness + Scion of Feywild

25 Half-elf, 41 Arcane Archer, 15 Angel of Vengeance

Destiny: Exalted Angel, Twist Necro Specialist, Wisdom, Wisdom, Cocoon.
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