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- 10 skull capable for healing and DC support
- solo-able on low skull runs
- able to help significantly with mobs in mid-skull reaper group runs (quickly kill dangerous enemies, speed up runs)
- balanced build with instakill, cc, dps, healing and survivable with skillful play (not emphasizing super survivability, but able to do so with good play in reaper)
- customizable with trade-off options between offense and defense
- completionist, racial completionist and epic completionist aren't essential to the build

The goal of the build isn't too maximize DC or DPS, but rather to strike a balance between DC, DPS and survivability that makes it feasible to run high/mid skull with groups and/or lower skulls solo and be effective across skull levels and in both a group or solo environment.

I am currently running the build on Randomall my 3rd main character. My main 2 characters will be on the racial/reaper TR train for a while.

1-17 Cleric, 18-20 Paladin (getting implosion/energy drain by 17 is very helpful and paladin levels mainly helps at higher levels)

My original goal was to run 17 cleric / 2 fvs / 1 wizard and to list 3 paladin or fighter as as survivability option. After running both builds I decided the /3 paladin splash is overall better as just reward procs and the free wizard feat didn't provide as much benefit as I thought. I also considered 20 cleric, 17 cleric / 3 fvs and 18 cleric / 2 fvs. The dps/dc benefits just weren't that noticeable but the 20% hp, prr, mrr and save benefits were clear, especially for an alt without many reaper points.

Pure 20 cleric is a very compelling option for someone without wizard/fvs past lifes or extra racial AP because it allows you to get 5 more spell penetration (3 from class levels and 2 from redeployment of sacred defender to aasimar tree) and take advantage of the aasimar protector and healing amp options. While someone with 8 or more racial AP (+1 from tome) can stack the paladin and aasimar hp/prr/mrr bonuses.

RACE: Aasimar
Starting Stats (I don't consider this split optimized yet)
Str: 8
Dex: 8
Wis: 20 (All level ups)
Con: 16
Int: 8
Char: 16

DOMAIN: Air: this gives me the ability to use electric for light damage which currently has better potential in the game and gain some DC. The DC bonus from air allows me to splash 3 paladin while still maintaining a high evocation DC.

I was torn between air, water, death, earth and luck, but ultimately air provided both spellpower boost to light and dc boost plus the slas are useful even with the long cooldown. The 3 evocation DC from air is critical as implosion and burst of glacial wrath are two of the most important spells in my rotation. Also the ravenloft belt which pairs electric/cold spellpower worked great as it was easy to boost my burst of glacial wrath damage along with my light/electric. The build works fine with air water, death, earth or luck if you prefer those domains.

DIETY: Aureon - provides a clicky giving +4 wisdom, +3 spell pen, +2 turn undead level and +4 max hd for turn undead. Very useful across all level ranges.

PROPOSED EVERYDAY GEAR - Balanced DPS, DC, Healing for low-skull solo/shortman:
Goggles: Legendary Garstone's Lenses (202 equipment bonus to devotion, 202 equipment bonus to electric spellpower)
Helm: Drow Sage's Mantle (19 Wisdom, 80 competence bonus to healing amp, Will save 16)
Necklace: SLAVERS Sheltering 45, Resistance 14, Heal 22, Quality Physical Sheltering 11, Slot, Sorc bonus
Trinket: SLAVERS Dexterity 17, Light Lore 27%, UMD +7, Quality Fortification 45, Slot, Sorc bonus
Cloak: Mysterious Cloak Level 21 (Exceptional Healing Amp 45, Insightful Magical Resistance 25)
Belt: Legendary Thummingspark Cord (29% Electric and Cold Lore, 202 electric and cold stacking spellpower - enhancement bonus)
Ring: Legendary Band of Insightful Command (+2 profane bonus to all stats)
Gloves: Hands of House Jorasco (Heal 22, Healing Lore 29, Insightful Heal 11, equipment bonus to healing amp 40)
Boots: SLAVERS Charisma 17, Kinetic Lore 27, Jump 22, Quality Wisdom 4, Slot, Sorc bonus
Ring 2: SLAVERS Legendar Spinneret (Spell Lore 15, Quality Potency 32, Quality Spell Focus Mastery 2, Spell Pen 7, Sorc bonus
Bracers: SLAVERS Con 17, Glaciation 185, Spellsight 22, Quality Con +4, Spell Agility -15 slotted
Armor: Legendary Scales of Exile (Fortification 202, Parrying 9, Insightful Wisdom 9, Insightful Con 9)
Main Weapon: Nightmother's Sceptre (Impulse gem slotted for implement bonus +4 piece eye of the beholder with wisdom, will, charisma and spellpower slotted + 3 other wisdom)
Seconddary Weapon: Morninglord Sceptre (145 potency, 72 insightful potency, 22 spellraft, ins spellcraft 11)

The reason there is some redundancy on skills is because I recycled some old slavers gear that was almost exactly what I needed except the skill part. The skill wasn't enough to motivate me to recraft.

Swap Items to focus on dc/healing for higher skulls:
Secondary Weapon: Legendary Mirrorplate Tower (Spell save 16, Quality Magical Sheltering 12, Block Elements, Mirror Shield with neg spellpower slotted for harm)
Belt: Legendary Silverthread Belt (202 enhancement bonus to devotion - stacking, 202 enhancement bonus to nullification and 29% void lore for harm on pm)

Swap Item for knockdown protection: Nightmother Sceptre (5 zephyr for knockdown immunity and 2 wisdom)
Swap Main weapon for energy drain immunity against beholders: Nightmother's Sceptre (Any spellpower gem slotted for implement bonus + 4 piece purity set with wisdom + 3 wisdom)
Swap Main weapon for boss damage boost (vacuum weapon for vulnerability)
Swap Trinkets: Mysterious Bauble (major mnemonic clicky) and upgraded Pale Lavender Ioun Stone, upgraded Magestar
Swap Necklaces: Epic Twisted Talisman and Twisted Talisman (for 400 spell points, hp heal from fast healing and regen)
Swap Goggles: Int 15 / True Seeing / Ins Int +7 (this plus helm helps find most secret doors)
Swap Helm: Search 22 / Wisdom 15/ Ins Search 11 (This plus goggles helps find most secret doors)
Swap Ring: Epic Ring of Spell Storing (I don't have it on Randomall but if you have it grats to you)
Swap Boots: 5x smoke heroic greensteel boots for displacement

My biggest disappointment with the gear set is that swapping slavers boots is problematic as it re-equips my boots to the bracer spot. I don't have mats to make 5x smoke bracers unless I get lucky enough to find a farming group. So for now I have to essentially manually swap my boots to get displacement which is rarely convenient. I suppose I can figure out how to do it with a macro.

Misc Gear and Supplies
- Blade of Jack Jibbers
- Harper Pin, Greater
- Harper Pin, Lesser
- Eternal Flask of Free Movement
- Essence of Desire Potions (Yugo)
- Essence of Despair Potions (Yugo)
- Remnant Potions of Stat +2 (Wisdom and Con)
- Heal Scrolls
- Resurrection Scrolls
- Greater Restoration Scrolls
- Blindness Removal Potions
- Poison Neutralization Potions
- Disease Removal Potions
- Lesser Restoration Potions (mostly useless in reaper but still gets rid of a few effects reliably without sp)
- Curse Removal Potions

1) Maximize
3) Empower
6) Quicken
9) Heighten
12) Spell Focus Evocation
15) Spell Penetration
18) Empower Healing
21) Greater Spell Penetration
24) Burst of Glacial Wrath
26) Spellpower Electric
27) Embolden
28) Mass Frog
29) Arcane Pulse
30) Epic Spell Penetration
30) Scion of the Plane of Air

ENHANCEMENTS AT LEVEL 30 (very different while leveling)
AASIMAR - 8 (+1 for racial ap tome)
- Stronger Bonds 1
- Wisdom 1
- Stronger Bonds 2
- Wisdom 2
- Stronger Bonds 3
Tier 2
- Arcanum x1
If you have additional racial ap take more arcanum, healing amp and protector

Randomall has 7 ap from racial past lifes + 1 ap from tome so I am spending 16 ap in this tree to get the protector stance with 10% hp, 10 prr and 10 mrr.

- Healing Domain
- Pacifism
- Positive Energy Burst
- Improved Empower Healing
Tier 1
- Extra turning x2
- Divine cleansing x3
Tier 2
- Efficient Empower Healing x1
Tier 3
- Intense Healing x3
- Wisdom
Tier 4
- Incredible Healing x3
- Wisdom
Tier 5
- Positive Energy Aura
- Cure Focus

Divine Disciple (25)
- Divine Emissary of Light
- Sacred Defense
- Sunbolt
- Sunbeam
Tier 1
- Spell Critical Universal
- Energy of the Disciple
Tier 2
- Spell Penetration x3
- Spell Critical Universal
Tier 3
- Spell Critical Universal
- Wisdom
Tier 4
- Spell DC Evocation
- Wisdom

Sacred Defender (13)
- Holy Bastion
- Sacred Defense
Tier 1
- Durable Defense x3
- Sacred Armor Mastery x2
Tier 2
- Resilient Defense x3
Tier 3
- Tenacious Defense x3

Why radiant servant instead of divine disciple as main tree? Well, first off I don't find the SLAs or 1 more DC good enough. The passive healing from the aura is a huge benefit to the party and to me and likely provides bigger benefit by preventing deaths. Mass Cure Moderate SLA, cocoon SLA and the aura provide low sp cost healing the party. The DC is not needed lower skull and the extra healing is very helpful high skull so this allows me to reach my goal of being able to jump from 10 skull parties to 3 skull soloing. I understand some will disagree with these choices, but it works well for me as I consider myself to essentially be an advanced casual player.

For someone that wants the 10% hp bonus from aasimar and extra spell pen/healing amp you can drop 8 pts from divine disciple and spend those in the aasimar tree at the cost of 2 DC, but while gaining 2 spell pen.

Epic Destiny Exalted Angel
- Avenging Light
- Radiant Power x1
- Endless Faith x1
- Healing Power x2
- Wisdom
Tier 2
- Wisdom
Tier 3
- Piercing Spellcraft x3
- Wisdom
Tier 4
- Wisdom
Tier 5
- Leap of Faith
- Wisdom
Tier 6
- Divine Wrath
- Sun Bolt

I use Exalted Angel for my main destiny. If you are finding certain content difficult due to enemy damage, you can run in unyielding sentinel for more PRR/HP and survivability, but you will lose 5 DC. Depending on gear and past lifes this could still work, but not ideal. It's better to learn to play without the extra defenses so you can improve your game play even if it means a few more deaths at first.

Energy Burst (Electric)
Piercing Spellcraft
Evocation Specialist
Rejuvenation Cocoon

I've been considering swapping out piercing spellcraft for another +2 evocation from draconic, but haven't decided yet.

1: Cure Light Wounds, Command, Nightshield, Protection from Evil
2: Soundburst, Resist Energy, Hold Person, Spawn Screen
3: Searing Light, Sun Bolt, Cure Serious Wounds, Blindness
4: Cure Critical Wounds, Freedom of Movement, Deathward
5: Slay Living, Greater Command, Break Enchantment, Divine Punishment, True Seeing
6: Undeath to Death, Sunbeam, Heal, Harm, Cometfall
7: Destruction, Greater Restoration, Resurrection
8: Death Pact, Mass Deathward
9: Energy Drain, Implosion

Healing Amp Potential
Competence Bonus from Hat: 80
Exceptional Bonus from Cloak: 45
Equipment Bonus from Gloves: 40
Guild Bonus from Ship Buff: 20
Past Life Paladin: 30
Aasimar Enhancements: 60 (if you have enough racial points)
Total Healing Amp Bonus: 275 (185 without past lifes and racial points which is still solid)

For the Wisdom and DC stats I am showing #s without completionist and racial completionist but with racial wisdom lifes since that is what my character has. Past lifes help but aren't critical. You would be better served joining reaper parties and increasing your reaper points for fastest power increases. Past Life Sorc, Wiz and Fvs are helpful and I have 3x each on this character. They aren't essential, but they help.
The stats assume 14 reaper points which you can easily get running 1 life 1-30 1 skull (at level meaning running level 5 qeusts at level 5) with a little bit of reaper 2 mixed in at higher levels. Additional points can be put to the tank tree for hp.

Start: 20
Level Ups: 7
Tome: 7
Racial Past Lifes: 2
Enhancement Bonus: 19
Insightful Bonus: 9
Exceptional Bonus: 1
Quality Bonus: 4
Profane Bonus: 2
Artifact Bonus: 2
Augment Festive Bonus 2
Sentient Weapon Filigree: 4
Racial Enhancements: 2
Radiant Servant Enhancements: 2
Divine Disciple Enhancements: 2
Reaper: 4
Epic Destiny: 5
Ship Buffs: 2
Yugo Potions: 2
Remnant Potions: 2
Total Wisdom: 100

Evocation DC
Base: 10
Spell Level: 9 (Note this assumes heighten for all, but I use some spells without heighten because it's not needed or rarely needed)
Wisdom Bonus: 45
Evocation Focus Feat: 1
Embolden: 2
Scion of the Plane of Air: 4
Item- Enhancement Bonus: 7
Item- Insightful Bonus: 4
Item- Quality Bonus: 2
Item- Augment Bonus: 2
Item- Artifact Bonus (Slavers): 4
Item: Sentient Bonus (Eye of Beholder): 2
Enhancements - Divine Disciple: 1
Enhancements - Reaper: 3
Exalted Angel - Transcendental Magic: 3
Epic Destiny Twist - Evocation Focus: 3
Ship Buffs: 1
Air Domain Bonus: 3
Past Life Sorc x3: 3
Total Evocation DC: 109 (or 106 without sorc past lifes which is still solid)

Necromancy DC
Base: 10
Spell Level: 9 (Note this assumes heighten for all, but I use some spells without heighten because it's not needed or rarely needed)
Wisdom Bonus: 45
Embolden: 2
Scion of the Plane of Air: 2
Item- Enhancement Bonus: 7
Item- Insightful Bonus: 4
Item- Quality Bonus: 2
Item- Augment Bonus: 2
Item- Artifact Bonus (Slavers): 4
Item: Sentient Bonus (Eye of Beholder): 2
Enhancements - Reaper: 3
Exalted Angel - Transcendental Magic: 3
Ship Buffs: 1
Total Necromancy DC: 96 (useful when selectively targeting low fort enemies in reaper)
Same DC for all other schools where you have an augment with the exception that conjuration will be up to 99 with 3 past lifes cleric

Spell Penetration:
Cleric Levels: 17
Feat: Spell Penetration: 2
Feat: Greater Spell Penetration: 2
Feat: Epic Spell Penetration: 4
Feat: Past Life Wizard and Favored Soul: 9
Item: Equipment Bonus: 8
Item: Insightful Bonus: 4
Enhancement Tree: Divine Disciple: 3
Enhancement Tree: Aasimar: 1
Enhancement Tree: Reaper: 4
Epic Destiny Caster Levels: 5
Epic Destiny: 3
Epic Destiny Twists: 3
Eye of the Beholder: 1
Ship Buff: 1
Total: 67 (58 without past lifes which is still workable)

Example AOE DPS Spell Rotations followed up by low cost single target spells (with full metamagic unless stated otherwise)
- Burst of Glacial Wrath for helplessness (77 sp)
- Divine Wrath(40sp)
- Energy Burst (20 sp)
- Chain Lightning (12 sp)
- Sun Bolt SLA (12 sp)
- Avenging Light SLA (3 sp)
- Lightning Bolt SLA (8 sp)


I will detail this later. In reaper hp are over 2,000. Will and Fort saves are over 100. Reflex is 80 without GH. PRR is 200 and MRR 175 with tower shield in higher skulls. Some of this is from past lifes and reaper pts, but without past lifes your saves, prr, mrr and hp will be solid. The best way to improve hp is running reaper.

Implosion and Mass Frog when off timer and situation is right (63 sp each). Destruction and Slay Living situationally against champ casters are high damage casters (63 sp eacha). My slas are fully meta'd, but I usually keep spells like sun bolt, searing light, sunbeam and divine wrath unmetad so I can stretch the sp further. I will provide spell power break downs at a later date.

Greater command is useful against high fort mobs like ogres.

Arcane pulse metamagic is based on the most recent cast so once you cast the first 4 without metamagic and the 5th arcane pulse fully meta'd keep it up. Casting the first 4 arcane pulse without metamagic saves 160 spell points.

I will provide leveling details at a later time, but the short story is I leveld 1-9 focused on melee and turn undead. At level 10 I switched to casting mode and my enhancement choices were very different during leveling vs. level cap. For 1-20 heroic leveling reaper 3 or so I would go straight up str/cha melee with heavy turn undead spec and gear. It's faster and easier to play for leveling. The build gets a big boost with level 28-30 gear and feats and this build is intended as a build to stay at 30 for a while and enjoy running level cap quests. I struggled a bit in the 25-28 range until I swapped gear. At 30 it's solid.


Instead of spending 13 AP in the sacred defender tree spend more points in the aasimar tree to get the 10% 10prr 10 mrr bonus + more spell pen and healing amp. This gives 5 extra spell pen to a first lifer and a slight drop in survivability, but it's still a solid build and that 63 spell pen will work almost everywhere.

Spell Penetration First Lifer
Cleric Levels: 20
Feat: Spell Penetration: 2
Feat: Greater Spell Penetration: 2
Feat: Epic Spell Penetration: 4
Item: Enhancement Bonus: 8
Item: Insightful Bonus: 4
Enhancement Tree: Divine Disciple: 3
Enhancement Tree: Aasimar: 3
Enhancement Tree: Reaper: 4
Epic Destiny Caster Levels: 5
Epic Destiny: 3
Epic Destiny Twists: 3
Eye of the Beholder: 1
Ship Buff: 1
Total: 63 (72 for those with 3 wiz + 3 fvs past lifes, but 63 is more than solid)

Max DC

As I mentioned this isn't intended to be a min/max build and I intentionally wanted to show how good the build would work even for a first lifer with gear + tomes without all the past life grinding. If you are looking for a top-tier evocation DC for 10 skull go 20 cleric instead of my split. Assuming max past lifes and racial ap you get 3 more spell pen from cleric levels for a total spell pen of 75. You would give up energy burst, cocoon and get 1 extra twist for epic completionist which can be used for the 3 wisdom/dc boosts below.

For DC, you get the following bumps to your evocation DC:

DC as shown: 109
Add 1: Cleric capstone Divine Disciple (you would go 41 pts+ in this tree rather than getting aura)
Add: 2 Twist in evocation +2 from draconic
Add 1: Twist in acute insticts
Add 1: Twist in wisdom + tier 5 wisdom from reaper tree
Add 1: Tier 5 spell dc evocation
Add 3: drop maximize, empower, empower healing for completionist, past life wizard and greater evocation focus
Add 2: racial completionist
Add 1: level 18 air domain DC boost
DC: 121 and I am sure I am missing some other permanent benefits that would get you to 123 or a little higher.

Cleric is in a really good place and if you want to max out implosion + burst of glacial wrath air domain seems the best way to do that.
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