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Pure Ranger Tempest is a good build and deals high DPS. Flavors of build kind of depend on past lives & racial points.
I go with DEX based Aasimir for the Healing Hands and the 10MP/VULN/Fear in top racial tier (Need all 12 Racial Points to get there tho🙁)
Yes, DEX may limit weapons, but Flow and Vulkoor is very nice and may even surpass some STR weps. I like DEX because you can dump STR and CHA and go 16 on all the rest...Dump WIS if your not going Aasimir.
FEATS: Dodge, Mobility, Precision, Quicken, Sneak of Shadows Rogue Past Life, overwhelm crit, Scion Ethereal plane, PTWF, Weapon Finesse, IC: Pierce & Slash, Dire Charge, fill in others as you see fit (i go with toughness, Completionist, Adamantine,
Destiny: LD almost always, invest in CON in LD tree if you take Precision
Twists: I take Symmetric Strikes(4), Balance Attack(3), Meld(3) and Caccoon(1) (cant fit anymore)
Gear is below: Tho I am toying with changing that up if I can find right gear to maybe get more WIS, hide damage or quality accuracy, I'm not sure yet.
Oh yeah max out your Hide to max sneak damage.
Weps: Flow and Vulkoors is 80%. I also swap to dual Vulkoors for boss beaters, TF reinvigoration scimmies to regain Action Boosts and a LGS Affirmation scimmy for the 1000HP buff.
Filis: Prowess(DEX)(5), One Against Many(DEX/Melee)(2) and whatever melee power for the 8th slot
On the dual Vulks; Prowess(5), Treachery(3)(for the sneak damage and 50% threat deduc
Enhancements: Without going into full detail
Aasimir (16AP) (Tier 4 Bond and Capstone)
Tempest (42AP) (DoD and Capstone)
DWS (26AP) (for Killer and Core 4)
Harper (8AP) (Know the Angles)

There's nothing wrong with STR build, I just figured I would maximize and make everything as efficient as I could get. DEX goes to Hide damage, Reflex, AC, To Hit/DMG. Nothing is wasted.

Armor Mist-laden Vestment
Gogs Van Richten
Helm Excecutioners
Neck Slavers (Chains: CON17, QCON+4, 20Stun, Res14)
Trink Cannith Craft (IDex+7, Dodge15, HAmp61)
Cloak Shadowhail (swap with Phasecloak for KtA)
Belt Braided Cutcord
Bracer LoreFueled Pack
Glove Molten Silver
Boots Flightfoot Greaves
Ring1 Prowess
Ring2 Ring Of Nightfall
Main Flow; Piercer of Hearts
OffHand Vulkoor's Edge

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