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Aasimir Sexy Dexy Thot

Strength 8
Dexterity 16 (+7)
Constitution 16
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 16
Charisma 8

+8 Tomes - "Stop being poor"

Level 1 (Rng) Feat: Dodge
Feat: Favored Enemy: Undead
Feat: Aasimir Bonus: Fallen
Lv 3 (Rng) Feat: Past Life: Sneak of Shadows
Lv 5 (Rng) Feat: Favored Enemy: Human
Lv 6 (Rng) Feat: Wep Finesse
Lv 9 (Rng) Feat: IC: Slashing
Lv 10 (Rng) Feat: Favored Enemy: Elf
Lv 12 (Rng) Feat: IC: Pierce
Lv 15 (Rng) Feat: Completionist
Feat: Favored Enemy: Evil Outsider
Lv 18 (Rng) Feat: Quicken
Lv 20 (Rng) Feat: Favored Enemy: Aberration
Lv 21 Feat: Overwhelming Critical
Lv 24 Feat: Precision
Lv 26 Feat: Perfect Two Weapon Fighting
Lv 27 Feat: Mobility
Lv 28 Feat: Adamantine
Lv 29 Feat: Dire Charge
Lv 30 Feat: Toughness
Feat: Scion of the Ethereal Plane

Head Executioners Helm (AUG: Luck)
Neck Slavelord Lord CON/CON/Res/Stun (AUG: WIS 8)
Eyes Van Richten's Spectacles (AUG: False Life / Spooky INT)
Trinket CC Hamp/Dodge 15/I DEX +7
Armor Mist-Laden Vestment (AUG: +2 Agility)
Cloak Shadowhail Cloak (AUG: Prot +8) - Swap Phasecloak for KtA
Wrists Lore-Fueled PackBanner (AUG: Soul Gem)
Hands Molten Silver Gauntlets (AUG: Vitality / SP Gem)
Waist Braided Cutcord (AUG: Deathblock)
Feet Flightfoot Greaves (AUG: I WIS 2)
Ring 1 Nightfall (AUG: Spooky WIS)
Ring 2 Prowess (AUG; GoIB)

Main: Nightshard (Sent: Prow(5), OAM(2), SPunch(1)AUG: Good/E. Night)
Offhand: Flow (AUG: Good/E. Night)
Beaters: Nightshard/Vulkoor's
Swap ins: Affirmation scimmy, Revig scimmies, light hammers (skellies)

Tempest: 42AP (Cap and DOD)
DWS: 26AP (SA and Killer)
Harper: 8AP (KtA)
Aasimir: 16AP (Cap Bond)

Sense Weakness(4)
Balanced Attacks(3)

"Thots" and ideas moving forward (HA!) -
Would be nice to slowly phase out Flow, as it effectively eats up 2x feats (Wep Fin & IC: Pierce).
Replace feats with...?:
Epic Will - Sexy Dexy already has outstanding Reflex, so maybe no-fail Will saves could be nice.
Wep Focus: Slashing - for the +2MP
Epic Toughness - 50+ HP
Exotic Wep: Kamas (light/slashing) - 2x kama set bonus from Lost At Sea (10MP, 10DblStk, Bane SA dmg) just may be interesting to test out. (Even you weirdo STR tempests can find that 10dblstrk you're missing from the RL sets!)
Tho I must say, Flow is absolutely badass! And will be very difficult to phase out. Let's see what Sharn brings us.
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