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1 monk: Point Blank Shot/Shuriken Expertise/rogue Dilettante
2 Ranger:
3 Ranger: Completionist
4 Monk: Precision
5 Ranger:
6 Ranger: Quick Draw
7 Ranger:
8 Ranger:
9 monk: Sneak of shadows/Fists of Darkness
10 Monk:
11 monk:
12 Monk: IC: Thrown weapons/mnk feat Ten Thousand Stars
13 Monk:
14 Monk:
15 Monk: Improved Precise Shot
16 Monk:
17 Monk:
18 Monk: Grandmaster of Forms
19 Monk:
20 Monk:
21: Overwhelming Critical
24: Combat Archery
26: epic skill focus hide
27: Blinding Speed
28: Doubleshot
29: Harbinger of Chaos
30: Scion of the Ethereal Plane/Improved Martial Arts
New gear set up
Helm: Legendary Executioner's Helm
goggles: The Masque
Armor: Legendary Disciple of the Dawn
Brancers: SL (Sheltering/Armor Piercing/Tendon Slice/Quality con
Rings: Legendary Ring of Prowess/Legendary Perfect Pinnacle
Gloves: Legendary Crumbling Gloves
Belt: Legendary Braided Cutcord
Cloak: Legendary Shadowhail Cloak
Trinket: Echo of Ravenkind
Necklace: Fleetfoot Necklace
Quiver: Epic Purifying Quiver
Weapons: Spite, the Fractured Shards/LGS shortsword(heal amp 30/insightful +7 wis/exeptional +2 wis
KTA swap Legendary Phasecloak/LGS shuriken 7/2 int
weapon filigrees:(deadly rain: dex/deadly rain: ranged power/deadly rain: attack and damage/deadly rain: critical confirmation and damage/deadly rain: prr/the long shadow: dex/the long shadow: ranged power)

weapon augments: silver dr bypass/devotion
Boots: Legendary Shadows Footsteps(edited)
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