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Human (If not human don't take Maximize)

Strength 16 (Level ups go here)
Dexterity 15
Constitution 16
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 8
Charisma 8

+8 Tomes - pay to win fuckers.

Level 1 (Ranger) Feat: (Selected) Dodge
Feat: (Favored Enemy) Favored Enemy: Undead
Feat: (Human Bonus) Power Attack (SWAP for Precision at higher levels)

Level 3 (Ranger) Feat: (Selected) Past Life: Sneak of Shadows

Level 5 (Ranger) Feat: (Favored Enemy) Favored Enemy: Giant

Level 6 (Ranger) Feat: (Selected) Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Khopesh

Level 9 (Ranger) Feat: (Selected) Improved Critical: Slashing Weapons

Level 10 (Ranger) Feat: (Favored Enemy) Favored Enemy: Orc

Level 12 (Ranger) Feat: (Selected) Improved Critical: Piercing Weapons (for Celestias and Flow)

Level 15 (Ranger) Feat: (Favored Enemy) Favored Enemy: Evil Outsider Feat: (Selected) Maximize Spell

Level 18 (Ranger) Feat: (Selected) Quicken Spell

Level 20 (Ranger) Feat: (Favored Enemy) Favored Enemy: Human

Level 21 (Epic) Feat: (Selected) Epic: Overwhelming Critical

Level 24 (Epic) Feat: (Selected) Empower Healing Spell

Level 26 (Epic) Feat: (Epic Destiny) Primal Sphere: Perfect Two Weapon Fighting

Level 27 (Epic) Feat: (Selected) Epic: Epic Reflexes

Level 28 (Epic) Feat: (Epic Destiny) Toughness

Level 29 (Epic) Feat: (Epic Destiny) Multiple Spheres: Dire Charge

Level 30 (Epic) Feat: (Selected) Epic: Epic Toughness
Feat: (Legendary) Scion of the Ethereal Plane

Gear . . . let's me fit is both Mist and Silent Avenger sets.

Head Legendary Executioners Helm
Neck Slavelord lord Con/CON/Devotion
Eyes Van Richten's Spectacles
Trinket Crafted Hjealing amp/Dodge 15/Insightful STR +7
Armor Legendary Mist-Laden Vestment
Back Legendary Shadowhail Cloak
Wrists Legendary Bracers of the Fallen Hero
Hands Molten Silver Gauntlets
Waist Legendary Braided Cutcord
Feet Legendary Flightfoot Greaves
Ring 1 Legendary Ring of Nightfall
Ring 2 Prowess

Insert augments to round stuff out. I do a shit load of gear swaps.

If Dex build swap bracers to Lore-Fuled, craft stunning on Slavelords necklace, and craft insightful dex on trinket.

Weapons: Primary trash weapon is a Mythic 4 Flow, off-hand alternates between and affirmation LGS Khopesh (150 stacking devotion, hjealing amp, Good blast) and a Draconic Reniggeration Khopesh to get action boosts.

Have dual flows, dual Calamities, pretty much everything since I've been playing this toon forever.

At cap is 2000ish HP, 240 PRR, about 19k DPS.
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